Rust Server Hosting

Rust is an amazing Action-adventure/survival game for PC. Released December 11, 2013. Developed and published by Facepunch Studios.
As any other online game, you need to host it on a remote server so people can connect and play against othes. Pick the Rust server hosting provider that you feel comfortable, take a look at the reviews and start the game!

Compare Rust Server Hosting

We compare the TOP 3 Rust hosting companies based on 3 major factors.
  1. Admin Panel: The control panel from which you will administrate your game server. The most popular is TCadmin. Now custom made Control Panels are not that bad either, is just that you need to get some time to get comfortable with the navigation
  2. Slot Range: How many players can join the server and play at the same tame (min-max). I always suggest to start with the minimum slots since is very hard to populate the servers unless you are a clan owner.
  3. Price per Slot: The cost for each slot the provider is charging. This is the FINAL cost and taxes+extra fees are included by default
Host Admin Panel Slots Range Price/Slot - logo Game Servers CP 50 - 200 $0.22 - logo TCAdmin 2 50 - 400 $0.14 - logo TCAdmin 2 100 - 200 $0.17
*I am working with links and the reviews of the companies.